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‘An excellent laugh out loud story that children will enjoy and take away a good message from.’ What’s Good To Read Raves About Lou Treleaven’s New Book

David over at What’s Good To Read has taken a hop, skip and a tumble into Lou Treleaven’s newest picture book, The Knight Who Might. Illustrated by the talented, Kyle Beckett.

 The Knight Who Might tries really hard to be a knight but things don’t always go to plan – even with a magic horse, sword and helmet! However, when The Knight Who Might spots a knight competition advertised, he sees his chance to show the world what a positive attitude can do!

Overall, The Knight Who Might is a delightful story of never giving up trying and achieve your goals. With self-belief, a positive attitude and support you might just get there. And even if you don’t reach where you want to be, bravery, perseverance, trying hard and support from friends will always make you a winner.

Lou Trevelean has a great way of getting across her messages in a fun and entertaining way. Featuring clumsy knights, magic horses, swords and helmets that talk and a positive try hard attitude make The Knight Who Might an excellent story for bedtime reading or even for teachers to use in a storytime setting.

It has some beautiful illustrations by Kyle Beckett to really bring the story to life. Bold, bright and funny they really engage the reader.

The Knight Who Might is an excellent laugh out loud story that children will enjoy and take away a good message from. Whether you want to be a knight, author or something else, never give up – you may not get there but without trying and perseverance you will never find out but will feel much better for trying.

Thanks David! 
You can read the full review over on the What’s Good To Read site!
The Knight Who Might will be galloping onto bookshelves Wednesday 28th October, pre-order your copy here!