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‘All the science is real and played out within a warm, loving father-daughter relationship.’ Kirkus Reviews Debut Author, Billy Dunne’s Sciencey, Rhymey Guide to Rainbows

US magazine Kirkus, has reviewed upcoming narrative non-fiction picture book, Why? A Sciencey, Rhymey Guide to Rainbows. Written by debut author, Billy Dunne and illustrated by Rhys Jefferys;

Everything in the world is new and amazing and sparks wonder in young children.

Dad points out a beautiful rainbow as he walks with his little girl and tells her that rainbows are seen when the sun comes out after it rains. His daughter is wonderstruck and curiously asks, “Why?” That’s only the beginning. Dad’s explanations about color, light refraction, wavelengths, and even the “photon quantum field” grow deeper, more scientific and detailed, only to be greeted with yet another “why?” from the child. Dad grows extremely anxious as he sweats with nerves and is driven to tears endeavoring to satisfy his little girl’s endless curiosity while she seems to delight in the information, embracing it with joy even though it is way above her understanding. She becomes aware of his discomfort and lets him know how much she appreciates him. Then she spots something else that readers know will definitely elicit that question again. The book’s subtitle, “A Sciency, Rhymey Guide to Rainbows,” sets the tone and format. All the science is real and played out within a warm, loving father-daughter relationship. Dunne’s rhyming text and Jefferys’ colorful, eye-catching illustrations are totally in tandem, seamlessly meshing the scientific terminology with increasingly intricate diagrams.

A bit of science presented with love and joy. Charming. (Picture book. 5-10)

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Pre-order your copy of Why too, and put into practice your new found Sciencey Rhymey knowledge!
Available in the UK and US this October!