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‘A heartwarming story about family with a cosy, Christmasy feel.’ Bauble, Me and the Family Tree Review

Heather over at Makebelieve & Manuscripts has read and reviewed Jenny Moore’s newest middle-grade title, Bauble, Me and the Family Tree;

Noel is used to his unusual family set-up: him, Mum, super-brainy little sister Bauble, and his gay uncles (both called Mike) next door. But when Bauble spots Mum kissing Santa Claus—in August—everything Noel thought he knew about his family is turned upside-down. Who’s the mysterious ‘F’ sending Mum romantic postcards? Why has she started taking weird photos of people in food bikinis? And, even though he’s clearly not Santa, might Dad still be alive after all?

Bauble, Me and the Family Tree is a heartwarming story about family with a cosy, Christmasy feel. 

When Noel’s sister Bauble sees their mum kissing Santa – in August – this special sibling pair begin an important investigation. Is their dad secretly Santa? Or is something else going on – something to do with the photos Noel has found of villagers in meat bikinis, and secret notes under his mother’s pillow. But when their investigation uncovers unexpected family secrets, it causes arguments and accidents, and threatens to change their family forever. 

Noel was a superb, sympathetic character who readers will warm to. His super-clever, little sister Bauble was fun to read too. 

This is a novel which explores what family means, and celebrates the different forms it can take. There were lots of moments made me giggle, but there are serious, emotional scenes too. 

This is the perfect time of year to read this novel, as it has lots of Christmasy touches without being a Christmas story – just right to add a little pre-December Christmas magic to the year. 

Thank you, Heather!
You can read the full review here over on Heather’s blog page!
Bauble, Me and the Family Tree is available to buy now!