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‘A brilliant aid when learning to read’ Home.Read.Play Reviews Our Latest Purple & Gold Readers

Finding the school issue early readers uninspiring? Our school uses good old Biff, Chip and Kipper early readers, and while I can see their merit for structure and sentence building, I’m on round three of these bad boys and feeling like the stories themselves and the illustrations are less than enticing.

We have just discovered Maverick Early Readers. The first BIG difference is the artwork,they are colourful, fun, emotive and therefore visually appealing. A brilliant aid when learning to read – what is the picture is telling you? The stories are exciting and modern, I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Ivy read these.

We have been sent purple and gold level books, purple is in line with where Ivy was before the holidays and gold is the next level up.

A fab little quiz rounds off the purple books so you can be sure they have understood the content.

The gold books are set out as chapter books with 5 short chapters in each. Still beautifully illustrated and fun engaging stories. Hooray!

The institute of education book banding system is a scale of colours that reflect levels of reading difficulty. These take into account language style, layout, phonics, word, phrase and sentence level when considering the correct level assignation. All Maverick books have been book banded to the industry standard and edited by an educational consultant. So you can be rest assured they are every bit as good (if not better, in my humble opinion) than the ones you are getting from school.

Ivy loves the arrow with the colour levels at the back of the book, she is excited to move onto gold and has already requested a white book! Its a great visual tool for her.

Thank you so much Claire! We’re so glad Ivy enjoyed reading this batch of Early Readers!
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