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blogpicDear Bloggers

Ahoy there me hearties! Welcome aboard the good ship Maverick, where landlubbers can find us on the World Wide Waters.

*Cough* *cough* Sorry I was forgetting that not all of us speak Pirate. My name is Peggie Sue and I am the star of Peggie Sue Can’t Find the Loo – now although I am not overly keen on the world knowing about the desperate state I was in, it makes good reading!

I have been asked by Maverick to write this blog so all you wannabe pirates out there can find out more!

I’ve been told that people can contact me now by email (a bit like a message in a bottle). My address is – I would love to hear from seafarers and landlubbers alike!
Better go, as it’s my turn to scrub the deck.

Lots of love

Peggie Sue x