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Spirit of Christmas

Wow, what a show!  The Spirit of Christmas is the only retail fair that Maverick attends and so it is a great opportunity to meet the market and chat to the public.

Maverick had a fantastic show, our stand looked amazing – it really stood out and showed off our books wonderfully.

There was one book that flew off the stand, selling more than double than any other title.  This was…dun dun dun…Nice Bear Naughty Bear.  Some of our other good sellers was Get Ahead Fred, Four Little Pigs, Sushi my Sausage Dog and the Princess Chloe’s.  All the books however had a huge amount of interest and there was definitely a buzz around our stall. 

 Thank you to Daisy & Big Fred and Mary-Ann for coming to do book signings!  Fred, of course, wore a special christmas hat!