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Nice Bear Naughty Bear App!

Not developed by Maverick but an app based on the Nice Bear Naughty Bear books

Avril Lethbridge, author of Nice Bear Naughty Bear, has been working with developers to produce an app that rewards children for good behaviour.  The characters from the cards and books easily make the natural step up to becoming an iPhone/iPad application.

The app is simple to use with lots of flexibility for parents wanting to reward their child.  I love the ability to set goals and once that goal is reached the screen pops up with the celebratory bear.

The reward chart makes it easy for children to keep up with how they are behaving and the ‘child lock’ means that the children can’t be ‘cheating bears’.

A fantastic app and well worth the download!  To find the lite app (free) on the Apple market, click here or for the full version (£1.99) click here.