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Josuha ‘Going for Gold’ at Waterstones Wimbledon

Go Josuha!

A lovely little story from author Angela Mitchell from her book reading event at Waterstones Wimbledon with ‘The Jelly That Wouldn’t Wobble’

When five year old Josuha came into Waterstones, Wimbledon with his mum Antoinette, it was clear that a possible future Olympic sprinter was in our midst. Why? Well, he told me he loved red jelly with oranges for a start, he’d won a gold medal at his school sports day, and his hero is Usain Bolt. Oh, and he intends to be a hurdler and runner when older. Not a bad ambition for a five year old and possible future Olympic gold medalist. In the meantime, Joshua settled for a couple of gold, chocolate sovereigns and a copy of Jelly!

Special thanks to Wimbledon staff for looking after Angela, and to Josuha’s mum for taking the photo.