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It’s Not Easy Being a Touring Cycling Author

Fin & his bike back on track!

Well it was quite an exhausting day for our Dog Detective authors yesterday. It all started with Fin’s bike axel breaking…Luckily they were not in the middle of the Lake District but near a busy road.  A nice passerby gave Fin and his bike a lift into Ripon (leaving Zoa with two trailers and two dogs!).

The one bike shop in Ripon was of course closed! So Fin left his bike in Ripon and headed for Harrogate using good old English public transport. As Fin’s bike is Canadian the wheel size is unusual but thankfully Fin found somewhere in Harrogate with the part.

During this time poor Zoa is walking with her bike, Jack in his trailer and then Paco’s trailer on the back of Jack’s into Ripon – hard work!  Zoa was very relieved it wasn’t raining like it had the day before!

 At 6pm last night we heard that Fin had made it back to Ripon with the spare part and now they are probably cycling at full speed to York Waterstone’s! Phew i’m exhausted just writing about it!

NEWSFLASH:  Fin & Zoa made it to York…though had to repair a puncture on the way!