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Our Book Reading Party/Launch!

Princess Chloe, Jake, Get Ahead FredWith the Children’s Book Week just around the corner, Maverick Arts Publishing kick started the events by throwing a book launch for their biggest critics – children! Local schools in the Battersea area were invited along to the Lemonade Factory to Maverick’s Book Reading Party.

The Maverick authors came from near and far to share their stories. Even after school hours some children returned with their siblings to join in with the variety of fun activities. This meant the studio was packed full with a whole mixture of people enjoying Maverick’s new picture books.





Zoa & The Dog Detectives

Zoa showing the app off

Authors came from all over the country, but there was one that came from much further away. Zoa, co-author of The Dog Detectives in an Outback Odyssey flew all the way from Canada for the book launch!

But it wasn’t just a book launch – it also saw the launch of The Dog Detectives iPad app made by Maverick and Apps of All Nations. All the children loved it – captivated by the exciting animations and sounds!





Scott McIntyre, Laura Raine & ‘Super Magic Lightning Boy’

The launch was made by Scott reading to the children bringing his story to life.

The book is written in rhyme with several phrases repeated, so that soon Scott’s avid listeners were joining in with the story that follows Jake’s journey through his garden, meeting monsters as he goes.

Then there was a special treat for the children – they could have a go dressing up as Jake and practise their superhero poses against a life size background illustrated by Laura. This proved hugely popular and we soon had superheroes battling evil all around the studio.


Daisy and Get Ahead Fred

Daisy & FredFred, now a rising celebrity is no stranger to being asked to come along to events, with a hat for every occasion and a dapper gentleman, he is the perfect guest.

Daisy read to the children on the ‘book reading bed’, with Fred helping.

Children love listening to the story and seeing all the different hats in Fred’s collection.

One of the highlights of the book party, though, had to be Fred and Princess Chloe meeting – what a pair!



Kimara Nye & the Book Reading Bed


At the Maverick party the focal point of the room was the “Book Reading Bed”, where Kimara & the other authors read their story to all the children. When Kimara read her ‘Four Little Pigs’ most of the children knew the Three Little Pigs story and loved joining in with the huffing and puffing.


Ellie & Princess Chloe!

This was the launch of Ellie’s second book, not bad for a thirteen year old!

In the Princess Chloe corner there were sugary decorations galore and some very impressive fairy cakes being decorated by children.

However the star of the launch had to be the arrival of Princess Chloe who came to add a bit of extra sweetness to the mix. She joined Ellie on the special “Book Reading Bed” where Ellie read her story to a crowd of fans.

Ellie reading her book

And finally, the dream teams…

Princess Chloe & Fred