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A scarf which just keeps on growing…

Amanda Brandon, author of A Scarf and a Half, is not only a brilliant children’s writer, but also an avid knitter! We have shared her very own scarf and a half here before, but now she’s putting it through its paces and teaching children all over that you can indeed have a laugh with a scarf…

Children enjoyed a competition to guess the length of Granny Mutton’s scarf at an Essex school fair last week on Friday 5th December. Amanda said: “the knitted scarf, which is over twelve and a half feet long, has proven to be great fun at book signings. Youngsters have played tug of war with it just like the book characters, so now it is even longer!”

The lucky winner who guessed the length of the scarf won an extra long tube of sweets.

Amanda will be doing more book events in the New Year and maybe by the end of 2015 her scarf will be twice as long!

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