Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of orange squash… Library Girl and Book Boy review The Pirate Who Lost His Name

Jo at Library Girl and Book Boy has left a beauty of a review about Lou Treleaven‘s book The Pirate Who Lost His Name with illustrations by Genie Espinosa:

There’s a very piratey pirate who has everything he needs: a parrot, an eyepatch, a boat. But one thing is missing and he just can’t find it – his name! No matter how hard he tries, he just can’t remember and nobody else’s seems to be able to help him either!

Captain Dreamboat couldn’t help, the pirate barber can’t help, but maybe his parrot knows something?

My boys loved meeting the whole pirate team and finding out more about them. They both coveted Pirate Anorak’s immense treasure mound! They were also both screaming at the book by the end I’d be the story as they’d worked out what the poor forgetful pirate’s name was. Lots of fun with illustrations which make the characters leap off the pages. 3+

Thank You!
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