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“The New LiBEARian celebrates ALL that is brilliant about libraries.”

We love receiving reviews for our books, but every now and then we get one so passionate and wonderful which really makes us feel really great about the work we do at Maverick!


Ally, who writes at the lovely blog, BookMonsters, has reviewed The New LiBEARian by Alison Donald and Alex Wilmore. We knew Ally would love this book, she is a librarian after all, and we are thrilled with her sparkling review!

The New LiBEARian spread2 LR RGB JPEG

“As a picture book, the writing is really excellent, the illustrations glorious and that would be enough for me, but this is a book about books, about libraries. Every single page in this story contains a book illustration! You really can’t emphasise the importance of books and reading to children more effectively than that. The New LiBEARian celebrates ALL that is brilliant about libraries in a superbly engaging and exciting way for children. It shows them off as fantastic magical places to explore, learn and make new friends, which is exactly what they are. THAT is what makes this book SO special and wonderful to me. a must buy!”

Thank you for the fantastic review Ally! Read the whole thing here.

The New LiBEARian is out now! Buy your copy here.