Beastie gets Reviewed by the Book Sniffer

The Fearsome Beastie by Giles Paley-Phillips has already started getting great reviews…

One of our favourites is the Book Sniffer’s review.   Here is a  sneeky peek:

“One often gets the feeling that young pups these days are ever so slightly mollycoddled in the scary story department, so thank goodness for the latest offering from cooler than ice Giles Paley-Phillips!

…Thank goodness the nanny state has taken her eye off the ball and let this little treasure through the net!

…THEN my friends we are introduced to possibly one of the most kick ass (apologies for the use of street slang) grannies the picture book world has seen for some time!”


To read the whole review click here!

Thank you Book Sniffer for the fantastic review.