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Amanda Brandon’s mural and a half!

Amanda Brandon Jacqson Diego 2nd draft_A3

Amanda Brandon, author of ‘A Scarf and a Half‘, visited Jacqson Diego Story Emporium to create the biggest scarf mural the world has ever seen!

Amanda read the story of Little Lionel and his Granny to the children and then they enjoyed plenty of fun scarf and knitting related activities! Amanda said that the children most enjoyed seeing just how many people could be wrapped in ‘Granny Mutton’s scarf – a bright and colourful scarf and a half knitted by Amanda herself!

The children then all helped create a beautiful and colourful wall mural of a long and twisty scarf.

Jacqson Diego window display

Jacqson Diego Story Emporium is a fantastic addition to Westcliff-on-Sea run by wonderful staff who are dedicated to encouraging children to get excited about reading and providing them with a safe, comfortable and fun environment in which to explore the world of books.

Amanda said: “I received a warm welcome from Jacqson Diego on a very cold snowy day! It is a great place for children to discover books and be creative.”

Buy A Scarf and a Half at your local bookshop or buy it online here.

Amanda Brandon’s second book, ‘A Box of Socks’ will be released May 2015.